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Minesing, ON

Our experience was very positive from the moment I called Denise to make an appointment, to Corey coming to our home to assist us in making the right choice of carpet for our home to the installers arriving. The 2 gentleman were very efficient, respectful and professional. We are very pleased with the quality of the product and the appearance. We had 2 large rooms carpeted in 2.5 hours. Excellent job!!

Burlington, ON

Carpetdeals.ca did my neighbours' flooring and I decided to call for an estimate. Time booked without issue and Scott arrived early. The price, selection was excellent and the process was easy. In this world of high prices and deals which seem to good to be true, this is worth an estimate. Our local carpet store could not match, price or the timing. Highly recommend them to each and every friend I have.

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