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Carpet Tiles in Hamilton

If you’ve been out shopping for carpet in Hamilton, ON, you may have stumbled upon a flooring option that you hadn’t considered before: Carpet Tiles. Normally, the only kind of carpet people consider for residential purposes would be wall-to-wall carpet with it’s warm comfort and soft textures. However, with trends constantly changing and modern design becoming more prevalent inside the home, a lot of people are turning towards carpet tiles.
Carpet tiles are tile shaped pieces of carpet, often around 16″ x 16″, and are adhered to your floor. Carpet tile is more versatile than wall-to-wall carpet as it can be specifically designed for each room. They come in a variety of colours, styles and patterns and offer the same soft feel as traditional carpet.’s specialty is finding the right flooring for your home and lifestyle and we’d love to help you with your next flooring project. Call us today to find out more about how we can help floor you!

Are Carpet Tiles The Right Flooring For Your Home?


The biggest advantage of using carpet tiles over having wall-to-wall carpet installed is that the individual tiles can be removed and replaced easily if they become dirty, stained or ruined. They’re also very easy to change out if you decide that you’d like to try a new colour or pattern.
Additionally, since carpet tile comes in squares, they’re ideal for small spaces, oddly shaped areas or tricky shaped floor spaces. This means that instead of having to buy carpet in 12′ lengths with additional waste left over, smaller amounts can be purchased making them more economical.

Where To Install Them

Carpet tiles are ideal for both large and small spaces. They can be installed in entryways an an alternative to area rugs or doormats or on stairs to create unique, patterned stair runners or hallway runners. There are also carpet tiles that are designed for outdoor use that are ideal for outdoor spaces such as mudrooms.

Ease Of Installation

Since carpet tiles come in a variety of manageable sizes, it generally doesn’t require more than one person to install them.

Depending on how you’d like them installed, carper tiles come both with adhesive and without. The self-adhesive tiles can be installed simply by removing the paper back and placing them on the floor. On the other side, those without attached adhesive can either be glued down adhered with double-sided tape.

Looking For Some Inspiration?

Lucky for you, we only work with the best. All of today’s most popular flooring manufacturers have made the move to producing residential carpet tiles. Check to see what Shaw, Kraus and Mohawk have to offer.

How We Work

1. We offer FREE in-home estimates where we bring the samples to you! We believe that the best place to choose your new carpet is the same place it’s being installed.
2. Since we stock most of our carpet, your installation can be booked within just a few days! You don’t have to wait weeks for your installation!
3. Our carpet installation crews have been with us for years. Professional and certified, our crews take pride in providing you with great service and exceptional installations.

Ready To Shop For Carpet Tile In Hamilton?

There have been a lot of improvements in the flooring industry and the addition of carpet tiles for residential use is another fun, unique way to express your particular tastes and style while finding the perfect carpet for your home and lifestyle.
We’d love to help you with your next flooring project! is local to Hamilton, ON, and offers FREE in-home estimates which means we bring the samples to you! Contact us today to set up your free in-home consultation!

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