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a 10 minute guide on buying flooring when you don't know anything about flooring.


When you made the decision to update your flooring you figured you were embarking on an adventure that would be fairly straightforward. You’d visit a flooring store, see something you liked and buy it.

That’s reasonable, right?

However, when you walked in, you instantly discovered that there were more than four options of general flooring for you to choose from and very quickly realized that this ‘fairly straightforward’ decision has become not so straightforward.

The trouble, as you’ve quickly realized, is that carpet isn’t just carpet. It’s styled and coloured and warrantied differently for different areas. It varies in ounce weight, fiber, style, and texture and, wait, shag carpet is still something people want?

Hardwood seems like the easiest flooring choice because, you know, it’s only wood. But hardwood now comes in solid and engineered and the difference between those is surprisingly varied in regards to construction, installation and the areas it can be installed.

Laminate flooring would probably work since nowadays it both looks and feels like hardwood. Its construction and installation are pretty clear-cut, it looks great and it’s easy to maintain. Meanwhile, you’ve just realized that vinyl has come light years from what you remember from your childhood kitchen. It’s comfortable, easy to clean and install and requires virtually zero maintenance. Even better? It mimics all types of flooring – hardwood, laminate, concrete, bamboo, etc…

Fantastic. Now all you have to do it make a decision. Now, before you panic we’ve written a handy little guide giving you an overview of the different types of flooring so you don’t go shopping blind. But, if you’ve decided that all of this is a bit TL:DR, you can always reach out to us – we’re happy to help. We get pretty excited about flooring.

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Soft, luxurious and delightful under your feet, carpet is a popular choice for anywhere that you walk.

Consider this: You’ve come home after a long day on your feet. You take off your shoes, stretch out your toes and walk onto your new, irresistibly soft hard surface flooring. Wait, what? No, you walked onto your irresistibly soft carpet. Carpet is a wonderful choice for all areas of your home, particularly those rooms where feeling warm, cozy and snug is essential.

(And yes, shag is still a popular flooring choice except nowadays it’s called Frieze. Trust us when we say that it is magical.)

Classic and beautiful, hardwood adds style and value to your home.

We know that there is a certain majesty in seeing a large expanse of gleaming hardwood flooring stretched out before you. It’s not for nothing that it is currently the most popular style of flooring available and, with the advances in its construction and finish, it can be installed in virtually any area of your home.

Laminate is resilient, durable, stylish and popular in both its wood and tile look.

Laminate has recently made a triumphant return to the flooring world by being an almost exact replication of hardwood – right down to the bevel and surface texture! Laminate also comes in with a discounted price tag making it a low maintenance and cost effective flooring alternative. It also comes in a very realistic tile look for those of you who want the look without the fuss of ceramic.

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile are innovative and versatile. From kitchens to bathrooms luxury vinyl is a great choice.

A rare wonder in the flooring world, luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank are excellent additions to any home due to its soft and flexible nature. The combination of the resiliency and ease of maintenance of vinyl, coupled with the aesthetic of wood or tile make this particular innovative option the unicorn of the flooring world.


Before you run screaming into the wilds, swearing that from here on forward your home will be floored solely in hay and straw and no, you don’t want to know which carpet is made from corn, thank you very much, we’d like you to stop for a moment.  Yes, there are literally thousands of flooring options available to you and yes, if you’ve not made a hard and fast decision before shopping it can be overwhelming.  But take a minute, run your hands through a sinfully sumptuous feeling frieze (err, shag, because people do still love this stuff) rug and empty your head of everything that you’ve just read because here is what you need to know. Carpet is soft. Hardwood is hard. So is laminate, for that matter. And vinyl, well, vinyl is softish and basically the most innovative product in the flooring universe.

Now, think about how you want your space to feel and with that feeling, come visit us. See, the best part is that you don’t need to know the technical specifics of flooring because we already do. All you need is a vague idea of what you want – we do the rest for you.

And that is our guarantee to you. We will find the best flooring option for you, your home, your style and your budget without you having to know all there is to know about flooring. Except that, historically, houses were floored with hay and straw which attracted all sorts of quick moving insects with loads of legs so it is not advised. Additionally, if you need an area rug we highly recommend one made out of shag. 

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