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Imagine this: You’ve walked into the perfect hideaway bathroom of your dreams. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking a vast expanse of clear blue water. The sky is cloudless and the sun is gently setting on the horizon. There is an over sized claw foot tub waiting for you and as you approach you look down and see… yellowing, pock marked sheet vinyl horrifyingly decorated with terrible, tiny blue roses. 

WHY? Who would do this to your beautiful piece of tubbing Oasis?

Well, the answer is possibly anyone anywhere who still thinks that linoleum is maybe the only option for bathroom floors. Nowadays, the vinyl available on the market has grown out of it’s awkward teenage phase and has blossomed into flooring that not only comes in a huge variety of styles and colours but also comes in both plank and tile design. We call this flooring marvel Luxury Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tile.  Read on to find out the hows, whys and cost of having LVT or LVP in your home.


Made with limestone-based material mixed with PVC composites, luxury vinyl comes in both plank and tile designs. More rigid than sheet vinyl, it allows this product to be installed via a modified tongue and groove system where the planks are clicked together. The core of the vinyl is covered with a high definition digital graphic film layer which is then protected by a super tough wear layer. Luxury vinyl is a long-term, durable, easy to maintain flooring option that can beautifully mimic a lot of the natural floors available today. Luxury vinyl comes in an abundance of style options ranging from 12″ x 12″ tiles to 5′ long planks.


We’ve covered that luxury vinyl is a brilliant impersonator so you might be wondering why you’d buy a flooring product that looks like hardwood or ceramic when you could just get hardwood or ceramic. This is where luxury vinyl really shines. It performs in ways that its natural counterparts cannot. Its thick core coupled with a UV -cured urethane wear layer makes it scuff, stain, claw, dent and pointy-shoe resistant which not only improves its performance but makes it a much softer flooring option. Enter delightful foot feels. Luxury vinyl also absorbs sounds, provides heat insulation and is almost 100% resistant to water.

Also consider that since this product comes in styles that are specifically engineered to look like hardwood, ceramic, stone, slate, concrete, etc.. you’re looking at three times the design options than you would be if you chose a natural product without being restricted to one specific flooring type. Toss in the fact that luxury vinyl is also super low maintenance, durable and incredibly versatile in terms of the areas it can be installed and it’s pretty close to the perfect flooring.


Your budget it important and is likely a significant consideration for you deciding on a new floor. Product, subfloor, floor fixes and installation need to be taken into account.  Luxury vinyl generally starts at about $2.00sq. ft for a thinner product and can top out at $10.00sq. ft. Generally, with installation luxury vinyl will cost between $5.00 – $7.00 per sq. ft. 

Depending on what your current flooring situation is you may be able to reuse your subfloor. Extra cost considerations will come in if you need to patch or level your floor or replace your subfloor.


Rolling along with luxury vinyl’s low maintenance vibe is it’s ease of installation. It is a floating floor which basically means the flooring either clicks or adheres to itself and is never glued down to your subfloor. The benefit of this is that, not only is it quick and easy to remove and replace, but once its installed correctly it fits snugly into your space which prevents it from shifting or sliding.


Cost-effective, easy to maintain, durable and versatile luxury vinyl has rightfully become a popular flooring option for all areas of your home. Not just relegated to bathrooms anymore, luxury vinyl comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs and is a much better fit for you dream Oasis tubby room.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, pop on over to some of our manufacturers websites to see all luxury vinyl on offer. Mannington, Mohawk and Shaw Floors are just a few of the vendors we’re proud to be partnered with.

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